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Friday, September 19, 2014

9/12 - Chiawana Riverhawks Pierce the Purring Panthers

 *- Please note that this review is based on film, and not actual attendance to the game itself. As a result, most penalties are not reported here, and there are few, if any, references to the clock. Also, individual plays may seem unusual without proper explanation. These details will be addressed by my availability to attend games in person. I apologize in advance for any discrepancies. Thanks for understanding!

September 12, 2014 - Wenatchee, Wash. - Another post-season, non-league replay for the Chiawana Riverhawks (1-1), who come against the Panthers of Wenatchee (1-1), again on the opponents' turf. Both teams met up last year, where a dominant display by the determined 'Hawks demolished the desire of the defeated Wenatchee team, advancing Chiawana to the semi-final game.

Chiawana kicks off, leaving the Panthers at their own 29. A run play against the swarming Riverhawk defense gains a couple. The next play is a pass, which is intercepted, leaving the raging Riverhawks with the ball deep in opponent territory. A quick screen for a chunk set up a hand-off up the gut for 33 yards and a touchdown. The extra point was good, giving Chiawana an early lead of 7-0 with less than two ticks gone from the game clock.

After the kickoff, Wenatchee begins play at their own 35. A couple of run plays and a penalty gains the Panthers a first down, near midfield. A penalty took them all the way back to their own 36, where they never quite recovered. On the punt, there was a penalty, which set the Panthers back even deeper. The 'Hawks got the ball back at their own 46.

After an incomplete pass, the Riverhawks began a "stop me if you can" attack of counter trap play after counter trap play. With the big boys pulling down the line, the roaring Riverhawk team mixed in a couple of high percentage passes to march down the grid. It was 14-0 in no time, after a run attack paid off with a punch-through from the one, and the ensuing extra point with 6:28 left in the quarter.

The Panthers began play around their own 36. They started the drive with an old-fashioned veer play to the left. The pitch to the back was good for six yards. After an ineffective pass play, the Wenatchee running back tried running up the middle, but was met squarely in the pie-hole by a determined defensive marauder. However, flags on the play put the Panthers into Riverhawk territory at the 47 with a first down. From there Wenatchee went three-and-out, and were forced to punt.

After a couple of three-and-outs, both teams traded punts. The Riverhawks managed a nice sack in the exchange. As the quarter wound to a halt, the Chiawana offense did a brilliant job of faking the run, for a pass of six yards. A couple of nice runs, and a first down later, the quarter came to an end.

End of 1st Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 14, Wenatchee 0 

Chiawana began play to start the quarter at the Wenatchee 46. Four straight run plays later, the grinding offense found themselves at the 23, and a first down. The next play was a pass which was intercepted, giving the scrappy Panther team the ball at their own 13.

The Wenatchee run attack churned out a few agonizing yards, and even squeezed out a first down. The pass game, however, proved ineffective against a very stingy Riverhawk D, and they had to punt again. Chiawana had the ball back near midfield, at their own 46.

Wasting no time, the opportunistic 'Hawks took advantage of a match-up on the field, and a 25 yard pass ended at the Panther 21 and a first down. The Riverhawks kept it on the ground from there, and some smash mouth football showed that the idea was to soften the Panther defense. It worked, even though Wenatchee showed some grit for a couple of plays on the one-yard line. A run and a touchdown, combined with the extra point, made the score 21-0, 'Hawks with 5:22 left in the half.

Wenatchee began play at their own 30. The drive never really had a chance to take off, as both sides swapped penalties, and again the Panther passing game resulted in two incomplete passes. With little choice, they passed again, only to result in an interception at the Riverhawk 33.

After a couple of plays, Wenatchee had the ball at their own 29. A couple of runs kept the Panthers just away from a first down. However, a defensive penalty gave them new life, and a few run plays later put Wenatchee into opponent territory. An incomplete pass and a sack set them back with third and deep. Undaunted, the Panther found an air attack, and moved the ball to the Riverhawk 23 for a first down. Another sack, and then a touchdown pass. The extra point made the score 21-7, with twenty seconds left in the half. A run play later, and the half ended.

End of 2nd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 21, Wenatchee 7 

The rest of the game was a primer in football technique and sportsmanship, as the Chiawana defense held to poor Panthers to no additional points. The precise offense continued to pound Wenatchee with an oppressive run attack, and kept them hopping with crisp passes. Wenatchee was never a threat in this contest.

Final Score: Riverhawks 42, Wenatchee7

Next Week's Game - vs. Richland (0-2) @ Pasco (1-1) (Edgar Brown Stadium)

The Hawk Talker's Two Cents
This week, I cut the blog short for a few reasons. Mainly, though, I wanted to make sure that proper respect is paid to Coach Graff and his family. I am too new in the community to comment with any authority or knowledge, but in the faith of sincerity and what little I know so far, this group of coaches and community members are top notch. While I have no doubt that the Graff family is strong and capable, their obstacle must be tremendous. The community continues to rally, and I know that the family is in everyone's thoughts and prayers, as displayed throughout the network of people connected to this tragedy in many ways. Take care, Mac Graff, and know that you are an inspiration to many, even those whom you may not know.

The Wenatchee Panthers never had a chance in this game. They were outmatched at every turn. It was admirable that they never gave up, though. It is likely that they may build and make a run at the post-season. I anticipate seeing Wenatchee in the playoffs, if they get stronger throughout the season.

The Richland Bombers come to Edgar Brown with two losses to avenge. Never a "given," a game with the Bombers requires a team that can smash down walls, all game long. The Riverhawks will need to come into the game with an attitude to dominate. I expect that the team energy will be high, as this is the first home game. A lot of pride will be on the line, and Richland will bring a team ready to compete. Make no mistake - records mean nothing for this game. This year Chiawana will be the team to beat for all opponents, and the Bombers are no exception.

Thanks to those of you following this blog. If you have any pix, please feel free to send them my way. I will post them as I need them, but I will give you credit when I do. If you like, go ahead and comment below. Who knows how many people are "thinking it" and just need for you to say it? Just be mature, and we can discuss it. If you need to send a pic, or drop me a line, feel free to do so at

 Hawk Talker is an enthusiastic fan of the Chiawana Riverhawks football team. His goal is to provide an accurate and honest review of each game in an effort to summarize the play of the team for others who may be interested. Please visit the links at the right of this page and participate in the poll when you have time. Thanks!

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