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11/7 vs LEWIS AND CLARK (Spokane)
Riverhawks 24, Tigers 0

11/15 vs A.C. DAVIS (Yakima)
Riverhawks 47, Pirates 7

11/22 vs GONZAGA PREP (Spokane)
Riverhawks 38, Bullpups 3

11/29 vs GRAHAM-KAPOWSIN (Graham)
Riverhawks 28, Eagles 12

12/6 vs The Bothell Cougars
Tacoma Dome - 7:30 pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/7 - Lewis and Clark Tigers fall to the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks

(New bracket information! More detail!)
Chiawana enjoys a home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. As long as they win, their next game is at home, until the final, which will be held at the Tacoma Dome.
November 7, 2014 - PASCO, WASH. -  The Chiawana Riverhawks (8-1, 6-0) and the Lewis and Clark Tigers (Spokane) (5-4, 3-1) compete for the opportunity to continue in the playoffs.
Chiawana begins play at their own 35. A couple of runs, and then a pass forces the punt. The punt is a dandy, and leaves the Tigers trapped deep in their own territory.
Lewis and Clark begins play at their own 7. A run for 12 earns them a first down. The Tigers mix up run and pass, along with well-timed penalties to find themselves with a first down at the 31. Here they stall, and are forced to punt.
The punt is dropped, and the Tigers have the ball back at the Chiawana 35. This advantage is lost, however, as the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks intercept the ball at their own 20.
Chiawana begins play, and rips of a righteous run of 76 yard, to set up a first-and-goal at the Lewis and Clark 4 yard line. The line jumps and sets the team back five yards. It was only a momentary setback, as a run for nine puts the Riverhawks into the end zone for six. The extra point is good, and the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks lead 7-0 with 6:14 to go in the first quarter.
The Tigers begin play at their own 30. A backwards run and short pass leave them with no gain. A sack puts them in 4th and 14 position, and they punt.
Chiawana begins play at their own 40. A penalty sets them back ten, but a couple of plays later, a nice run sets up a first down near midfield. The 'Hawks keep it on the ground, where they rumble for about twenty and a first on three plays. Unfortunately, Chiawana fumbled and turned the ball over at the Lewis and Clark 34.

End of 1st Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 7, Lewis and Clark 0 

The Tigers start by running the ball for no gain, then a pass gives them the first down. A long run of about 20 puts them near the Chiawana 35 with another first down. Lewis and Clark then keeps the ball on the ground, churning out yards as they pick up a couple of first downs. Near the Riverhawk 20, the Tigers run out of downs and turn the ball over.
Chiawana begins on their own 22, where they begin their drive with seven straight run plays. They rumble and roll to the Lewis and Clark 37. One incomplete pass sets up one that connects, and the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks air one into the end zone. The extra point makes it 14-0 with 3:28 left in the half.
The Tigers start at their own 37. They sputter and fizzle, and are forced to punt.
Chiawana gets the ball at their own 40. With time running out, they go to the air. On the drive, they pick up back-to-back first downs, which places them at the Tiger 25. An incomplete pass, and a scramble for a sack keeps them at the same place. On 4th down, the field goal attempt is no good. The Tigers get the ball back, and kneel to end the half.

End of 2nd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 14, Lewis and Clark 0 

The second half begins as Chiawana successfully attempts an onside kick. They recover at the Lewis and Clark 30. A couple of run plays later, and the score is 21-0, with 11:12 left in the quarter.
Lewis and Clark begins play at their own 37. After a nice run, they fumble, and turn the ball over at around midfield.
The Riverhawks begin play at the Tiger 49. The 'Hawks were unable to generate any offense, as they are sacked for a loss, and a pass play actually results in negative yards. The Riverhawks are forced to punt the ball.
The Tigers begin play at their own 28. A couple of run plays give the Tigers a first down around midfield, where they fumble and lose possession of the ball.
A couple of run plays and a penalty get Chiawana nowhere. A couple of pass plays puts them into Lewis and Clark territory with a first down. The Riverhawks then rely on the run to chew up some more turf. An easy pass is dropped, and the 'Hawks continue on the ground, punishing potential players with the strength of their running game. After several run plays, the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks find themselves with a first-and-goal at the 1. The Tiger defense held strong, and forced a field goal. With only :44 left in the quarter, the 'Hawks lead 24-0.
The kickoff gives Lewis and Clark great field position at the 'Hawk 20. An offsides penalty and a sack move them back ten yards just before the end of the quarter.

End of 3rd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 24, Lewis and Clark 0

Lewis and Clark start the 4th quarter at the Chiawana 20, with a 2nd down and 20. The Tigers fizzle on two pass plays for -1 yards, and wind up turning to ball over on downs.
Chiawana begins play at their own 19. They begin their rumble on the ground, and keep it there. As the clock grinds down, the Riverhawks gain about 16 yards before having to punt it.
The Tigers begin at their own 32. Their very first possession is a fumble, and they turn it over to the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks with 7:00 left in the game.
The Riverhawks begin only 30 yards from their end zone. With the smell of victory in the air, Chiawana marches down the field on the ground. The team makes it down to about the 7 yard line before giving up the ball on downs.
The Tigers have little choice but to put the ball in the air. Unfortunately the 'Hawks were ready, and the Tigers had a rough go of it. They are able to manage one first down before Chiawana intercepts the ball. They run out the clock to end the game.

Final Score: Riverhawks 24, Lewis and Clark 0
Next Week's Game - vs. Davis (9-1, 5-0) @ Pasco (Edgar Brown Stadium)

(New bracket information! More detail!)
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