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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9/19 - High Flying 'Hawks Blast Beleaguered Bombers

Photo courtesy of Jodie Wilson

September 20, 2014 - Pasco, Wash. - Excitement is in the air as the mighty Chiawana Riverhawks (2-1) [Stats and recap] play their first home game of the season in the rugged Edgar Brown Stadium against local perennial league rivals, the Richland Bombers (0-3). In yet another game against a returning playoff team, Chiawana has something to prove. They have to prove that they can continue their "Destination: Domination!" run towards another ring by rolling over each tough team. After all, there will be no easy game this year, as there is no flying under the radar. The word is out. Riverhawks are the team to beat, and the Richland Bombers need a win! The situation is perfect for an exciting contest. As the warmth of the day settles into a comfortable evening, the sun disappears, and Riverhawk fans begin to gear up for the big game.

Richland wins the coin toss and elects to receive the kickoff. It is a touch-back, and they begin play at their own 20. A bad snap from the shotgun formation sends them backwards ten; however, a couple of long penalties against the Riverhawks puts the Bombers at first and ten at the 40. Chiawana's defense tightens down and forces a three-and-out from there. The punt is a weak wobbler for only about seven yards, and the 'Hawks have great field position at Richland's 45.

Chiawana begins with a brutal run attack, and a nice pass mixed in. They easily march down the field and punch it into the end zone for six. The extra point is good, and with 7:48 remaining in the quarter, the score is 7-0, home team.

After the kickoff, Richland begins play at their own 32. An ineffective three-and-out brings up the punt. A flag on the punt puts the Riverhawks at their own 16. Back to the ground-and-pound, which moves the ball well enough for a first down. Now it's Richland's turn to show fortitude, as they hold the rumbling Riverhawks and force them to punt.

The Bombers start play on their own 36. Their aerial assault withers quickly, and three straight plays puts them in punt situation. Chiawana begins play at their own 40. From there the Riverhawks help Richland with a couple of self-inflicted penalties. As the drive sputters at around the 24, the ensuing punt puts the Bombers in good field position, at their own 48. An incomplete pass sets up an eight-yard run to end the quarter.

End of 1st Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 7, Richland 0 

Richland runs the ball for a one-yard loss, creating a 4th and 2 situation. A high snap creates a turnover, and the 'Hawks get the ball near midfield, in Bomber territory at the 46.

A hard run and a defensive face mask penalty set up the rare first-and-one situation, where a 23-yard run chews up half of the field for a first down. From the 15, a run play is all it takes to put the pigskin into the end zone. With just over ten minutes left in the second quarter, an extra point puts Chiawana up 14 to zip.

After the kickoff, Richland begins play at their own 20. Sensing a need for urgency, the Bombers begin an air attack. On their second pass play, the ball is picked, and Chiawana sets up shop at the Richland 25.

The Riverhawks take a poke into the end zone with a nice pass to the corner. Although it is broken up, the defender wasn't looking for the ball, and the resulting pass interference call gives the relentless Chiawana squad the ball at the twelve, with a first down. A run and a couple of incomplete
passes tells this red-zone story, and the 'Hawks set up for a field goal. The kick is long enough, but slides just left of the uprights.

Feeling the heat, Richland starts by airing the ball from their own 20. A run sends them backwards a yard. A couple of incomplete passes sets up a punt situation. In a devious act of deception, the crafty Bombers fake the punt and run 22 yards for a first down, just inside Chiawana territory. In an attempt to maintain momentum, Richland races downfield with timely passes. With a first down at the Riverhawk 17, Richland keeps it on the ground for six yards in two plays. A screen for little or no gain put Richland in a 4th down situation. They went for broke, and a sack at the 21 gave the ball back to the hard-hitting Chiawana Riverhawks.

The Riverhawks rip some rumbling runs, and wind up with a first down at the Richland 37, and time running out. A nice pass gives them a first-and-ten at the nine. One run later scores a touchdown. The extra point is good, and the score is 21-0 with less than twenty seconds to go in the half.

Chiawana kicks off, and Richland has the ball at their own 46. There is just enough time on the clock for a couple of pass plays. Richland didn't get anything going, and two passes led to two incompletions to end the half.

End of 2nd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 21, Richland 0 

Chiawana begins the second half at their own 35. A sweet pass peels off 26 yards, and puts them into Richland territory. Then the rugged Riverhawks keep it on the ground. They chew up yards and time all at once as they grind their way down the gridiron. A first down at the Richland four foreshadows foreboding fortunes for the visiting team. A rugged run rips right through, and an extra point makes it 28-0, with 8:15 left in the quarter.

The Bombers dust themselves off, and they begin play at their own 38. They start the drive with a holding penalty. Facing a first and twenty, an incomplete pass mixed in with a couple of stifled run plays forces a punt. 

The Riverhawks get the ball back at their own 23. One spectacular run later - touchdown! The extra point is good, and Chiawana leads, 35-0 with 6:24 left in the quarter.

Starting at their own 8, the Bombers go three-and-out. There is a penalty on the punt, and Chiawana starts at their own 30. A blistering 40-yard run puts them on the Richland 30, with a first down. A penalty and a stiff Bomber defense shuts down the 'Hawks, and they turn it over on downs at the twelve.

Richland wastes no time in getting the ball down field. A nice screen pass sets them up nicely with a first down at the Chiawana 44. The Bombers then tear a page out of the playbook of the opponent, and keep it on the ground. Like their opponent, they wind up turning the ball over on downs. The Riverhawks begin play at their own 25, and chug out a 2-yarder on the ground, as the quarter ends.

End of 3rd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 35, Richland 0 

Starting at their own 27, the Riverhawks begin a clock-grinding affair of first downs and a  mix of play-calling. They manage to punch the ball in around 9:03, to make the score 41-0, as the extra point attempt fails. At this point in the ball game, Chiawana is working in some of the pine-riders, and keeping the ball on the ground, for the most part. With the "running clock" mercy rule in effect, the contest ends, and the boys head for the locker room after a spectacular showing of class and brass.

Final Score: Riverhawks 41, Richland 0
Next Week's Game - vs. Southridge (0-3) @ Southridge (Neil F. Lampson Stadium)

The Hawk Talker's Two Cents
What a wonderful way to enjoy my first Chiawana Riverhawks home game - at the pit! Friday nights are always so energetic, and given the emotional outpouring of the community during the game, the feeling was more pronounced, from my perspective. It was comforting to be around fans with positive energy and loud cheers!

It was clear from the start that the 'Hawks had this game well in hand. As the defense continues to hit hard and swarm, the presence they have on the field is fierce! The Bombers never had a chance on the ground OR in the air. We pretty much had our way with them on the line, as our defensive front melted their big guys. While the Richland QB was a tall, mobile player, our speed and conditioning showed in this game.

The Chiawana offense was their usual, end zone-seeking selves, as they made the big play look easy. Again, conditioning mattered as our big guys looked fresh at the end of the game, and the smash-mouth game was working all night. You have to appreciate an offense that challenges a defense with, "Here's what we are going to do. Stop it or don't." When the bread-and-butter plays keep working, there is no stopping this team.

Special teams did their jobs well. Everyone was staying in their lanes and blowing people up on kickoffs, only one extra point was missed, and the mentality was always one of a swarming, hard-hitting style of play.

There are always areas to tweak, of course, and at this level, being picky should be expected. For example, one area to pay attention to after this game might be red zone scoring. And maybe the O-line - they were a "9" this week, compared to a "10" last week, in my opinion. Um. Well, I am a special teams fan, myself. This team knows that, all things being equal, a great special teams play can make the difference in an entire game. The Bombers faked that punt, and that burned a bit. Not so much that they did it, but that we fell for it for so many yards. Also, hopefully we get a special teams touchdown soon. That kind of excitement is fun!

I look forward to this week's game. Varsity plays on Thursday this week, due to location availability.  I can't wait to see everyone there to cheer on the 'Hawks!

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