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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/5 - Camas Papermakers Ground the Chiawana Riverhawks

Photo by Patrick Hagerty, courtesy of the Tri-City Herald

 *- Please note that this review is based on film, and not actual attendance to the game itself. As a result, most penalties are not reported here, and there are few, if any, references to the clock. Also, individual plays may seem unusual without proper explanation. These details will be addressed by my availability to attend games in person. I apologize in advance for any discrepancies. Thanks for understanding!

September 5, 2014 - Camas, Wash. - This match up promises to be one of the best games in the state right out of the gate. In a unique circumstance, the contestants in this gridiron battle are the same teams that hammered it out for the state title last year. Even though it is an inter-league contest, the energy surrounding the game reflects how serious the players are about starting their season with this victory under their belts.

After a nice kickoff and a short return, the Camas Papermakers began play on their own 31 yard line. A warm day gave way to a cooler evening, as Camas began on the ground. Following a couple of nondescript runs, the Papermakers roasted the Riverhawk defense for a run of almost 30 yards. After a couple of ineffective run plays, Camas did no better in the air, and turned the ball over on downs at the Riverhawk 38 yard line.

Chiawana decided to set the tone early, and pound the ball on the ground. After two powerful runs, the Riverhawks had first down in the Papermakers' territory. A nice toss through the air set up another first down at the 35 yard line. A bruising run of ten set them up at the 25. Not to be denied, the Riverhawks kept it on the ground, and the running back put an exclamation point on the play as he punished the defender who dared to attempt to block his passage into the end zone. The extra point was good, and Chiawana drew first blood, 7-0.

Camas began play after the kickoff at their own 15. The tested their passing game, resulting in a quarterback scramble for seven yards, then a bubble screen for twelve and a first down. A run play set them up with a second and five. The next play was a passing play, which resulted in eleven yards and a first down, after the pocket collapsed. Sticking to the plan, the Papermakers completed another pass for a first down at the Chiawana 38 yard line. An inside hand off makes it fourth down and five, from the Chiawana 33 yard line. Another bubble screen and a penalty put Camas at the Chiawana 7 yard line, with a first and goal situation.

After an ineffective mix of run and pass plays, the Papermakers set up for a 21 yard field goal. The kick was good, and with 6:30 left in the quarter, Camas was on the board. In what turned out be a consistent theme, the kicker booted the ball deep into the end zone for a touch back. Riverhawks' ball on the twenty.

Chiawana went to the air. The attack seemed to stall the team until a run play breathed new life into the drive. The play call was perfect, as Camas stacked the box and sent some linebackers in on a blitz. The 'Hawk running back broke through the carnage at the line and sprinted through the secondary until he was brought down nineteen yards later. The effort was good for a first down at the 38.

A smart rollout pass made for four yards, but the next play was a vision of blocking beauty. As a patient running back waited for a wall of humanity to form, he then countered in the wake of this advancing tide of doom to scamper for fourteen yards and a first down inside enemy territory. Soon afterwards, the 'Hawks kept it on the ground again for a rip of 22 yards, and a first down at the twenty. After a few short running attempts, Chiawana faced a fourth and short two at the twelve yard line. It wasn't to be, as the run went for a yard, and Camas had the ball back on their own eleven yard line. After some battle with the defense, Camas found themselves at their own four yard line until a pressured quarterback scrambled out to the 18 yard line.

End of 1st Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 7, Camas 3  

Facing 4th down and seven, the Papermakers punted, giving the Riverhawks good field position at their own 46. They start again with their bread-and-butter, and within a couple of plays the Riverhawks tore up a huge chunk of real estate to find themselves with a first down at the Papermaker 25. The running game sputtered a bit, and Chiawana found themselves facing 3rd down and twelve yards to go for a first down. On a designed option, the quarterback kept the ball and made a beautiful romp to the seven yard line. However a penalty brought the ball back, and the mighty 'Hawks faced 3rd down and fifteen, from the 32. The drive wasn't meant to be, as an incomplete pass let to a punt situation, and a touch back. Camas began play at their own 20.

A couple of faulty pass plays started the drive. On the third play, a blazing run moved the ball ahead by about 60 yards for the determined Camas squad. About twenty yards from pay dirt, the Papermakers wasted no time, and hauled in a slant pass up the middle for a score. The extra point was good.

A touch back on the kickoff put the Riverhawks on their own twenty yard line. With a gritty mix of pass and run plays, they managed to make it to about midfield when the drive sputtered. Chiawana made it as far as the Papermaker 44 yard line before turning it over on downs.

Camas started in the air with a wide receiver screen for eleven yards and a first down. A bad snap and a penalty on the next couple of plays put the Papermakers in a bad spot, but a long pass put them in shape to attempt a 50 yard field goal. The snap was good, the kick was strong and true. However, it wasn't meant to be, as the boot fell about a yard short. The Riverhawks were able to run a couple of times before the half.

End of 2nd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 7, Camas 10  

A strong kick once again puts Chiawana on the 20 after the half. The 'Hawks stayed on the ground, ripping up some yardage until they got to midfield. After a couple of run plays, they found themselves facing a 3rd and 11. The next play was designed to be a pass, and the quarterback was on the scramble. In a strange moment, the player ran into a referee about twenty yards behind the regular line of scrimmage, ending the play. At fourth and a mile, Chiawana punted, giving the Papermakers good field position at their 42. Camas struggled, only managing a decent run. Otherwise, they were three and out. The punt placed the Riverhawks on their own 13 to start the drive.
Chiawana churned dirt and ran the ball for almost half a football field on the next play. The run put them in Camas territory with a first down at their 40 yard line. A couple of decent runs put them at the thirty with another first down. The stingy Papermaker defense stole the ball with an interception in the end zone, however, and they started their drive at the twenty.

From that point Camas used a mix of passes and runs to march down the field in fits and starts. A nice swing pass put them into Chiawana territory with a first down at the 43. The drive sputtered, and the Papermakers just couldn't make anything happen at that point. They punted it away, and the touch back put the ball at the Riverhawks' twenty.

The stingy Papermaker defense seemed to be ready to hold the feisty Chiawana squad for a couple of plays, but then four consecutive battering run plays put the Riverhawks on the other side of the fifty. A nice pass cut that distance in half, and at the end of the third quarter, it looked as if Chiawana was mounting a comeback.

End of 3rd Quarter - Score: Riverhawks 7, Camas 10  

A couple of run plays at the end of the third quarter weren't enough to bring Chiawana into field goal range. They pooch punted, and a nice hustle put the ball down as far back as it can go - the Camas one yard line.

After an incomplete first down pass, a Camas receiver hauled in an impossible catch in perfect coverage, fifteen yards down field. It was an amazing catch. I didn't know VooDoo magic was allowed in high school football, but that is the only explanation I have as to how the completion was made. Either way, first down at the sixteen.

Not to be outdone, the quarterback scrambled for a nice run of about 18 and settled at the the 34. The next three plays were designed passes, and one was almost picked. The other two were incomplete. The drive fizzled, and Camas punted away to give Chiawana good field position at their own forty.

The Papermakers flattened the air attack of the Riverhawks. By now Camas was honing in on pass plays, and anything easy was coming under fire. Three Chiawana passes, three Chiawana incomplete passes, one of which was a screen that was broken by an energetic Papermaker "D." Three and out, and a punt put Camas at their own 30. A penalty pushed them back their 25, for a first down and 15 to go.

A run from scrimmage gained almost all of the fifteen yards. Another penalty makes it second down and eleven near midfield. After a couple of incomplete passes, the Papermakers were forced to punt.
Chiawana started strong at their own 13. A long run and a decent pass set the Riverhawks up at their own 43. Here they appeared to run out of steam, and a couple of run plays led to no gain. An alert Camas defense pounced on a pass for pay dirt. A pick six bumped the score for the Papermakers, but a high snap nulled the extra point attempt.

The kickoff left the 'Hawks at their own 28. With time running down, Chiawana was in pass mode. A quick strike for ten yards and a first down was followed with an incomplete pass. On the third pass, the dangerous Rivehawks scored on a 62 yard screen pass for a touchdown. The extra point was good, and now Chiawana trailed by two.

When Camas took possession, it was no surprise that they would grind it out if they could. The first five plays were runs, to erode the clock. To keep the defense off-balance, the Papermakers tried a couple of passes, which were effective for almost forty yards, and position within the Riverhawk red zone. Camas was content winding down play with a hand off to end the game.

Final Score: Riverhawks 14, Camas 16

Next Week's Game - vs. Wenatchee (1-0) @ Wenatchee

The Hawk Talker's Two Cents
Of course there is always something lacking when I am not able to witness a game first-hand. I apologize for the lack of description regarding penalties and related information. However, I hope that you found this summary entertaining, despite this detachment.

This is my first year covering Chiawana Riverhawks football, and I can already see that it is going to be an exciting season! The way the boys looked against a strong team is exactly what I expect to see in a team heading for another deep playoff run. Each week will deliver its own brand of electricity, if I am on the right track here.

My observations this week are not going to be very intricate, as I am learning about the team. I noticed that on occasion the line was a precise, pounding presence, pulverizing puny pretenders at will. I noticed that the team seemed ready to score on every play, from anywhere on the field. I noticed that this team will not accept defeat. Defeat must be earned by their opponent, and it would come at a price if the Riverhawks have anything to say about it!

The offense was brilliant when every player did their job. It is scary how good a team can look on their first game of the season! Disciplined blocking and running set the tone for a hard hitting game. Despite this, there were areas for improvement. After halftime, if I were a Camas DB, I would have my eyes on the QB's eyes during pass plays, since he didn't look anyone off all game. Football can be won on the actions of deception, and this area is one that can be improved upon.

Defensively, any time you hold a high-caliber team to only a couple of touchdowns or so, it is a good day. Even though Camas made attempts to wear down the guys by stretching the field, we came back stronger each play. Not one time did the Camas QB look entirely comfortable, and the pass plays seemed hurried all game. Having said that, and being a defensive-minded guy myself, I saw areas where we could tighten down the screws, so to speak.

We had a hard time covering the WR screen. They broke that play seemingly at will, and it went long several times. This particular play is easier than most to cover, but it requires complete commitment and a specific blitz package, or players with the field presence to sniff it out. Either way, we should expect a team like Wenatchee to test us in this area.

Easy picks should be as rewarded or punished as easy dropped passes. While batting a pass keeps the receiver from catching it, which is good, a pick and especially a pick-six can be a complete game changer. It made a difference for Camas this game, for example. If it turns out that this strategy doesn't work well with our position skills, then punishing tackles on the receivers will keep them nervous in those defensive zones instead. Missed opportunities can be learning opportunities. I think that this description works here.

Special teams - well what can you do, anyway, when a kicker never gives you an opportunity to run one back? Besides that, our guys stayed in their lanes, kept their heads on swivels, and delivered some wicked hits. Pads were crackin' and the play was fast and exciting. I can't wait to see what more this unit will bring to the table in games to come.

Thanks to those of you following this blog. If you have any pix, please feel free to send them my way. I will post them as I need them, but I will give you credit when I do. If you like, go ahead and comment below. Who knows how many people are "thinking it" and just need for you to say it? Just be mature, and we can discuss it. If you need to send a pic, or drop me a line, feel free to do so at

 Hawk Talker is an enthusiastic fan of the Chiawana Riverhawks football team. His goal is to provide an accurate and honest review of each game in an effort to summarize the play of the team for others who may be interested. Please visit the links at the right of this page and participate in the poll when you have time. Thanks!

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